How to Grow Self Acceptance and Find Wholeness: A Challenge of Being Human

We all long for acceptance, to feel seen and heard and held in a space where we are accepted unconditionally by another person. Some of us are fortunate to have such people in our lives on a regular basis who offer us that.  But whether we have such a person in our lives or not, we can also learn how to give ourselves this kind of acceptance and unconditional regard. This can be a challenging task. We are human and we make mistakes and fall short of who we want to be – often. It is typically easier to see our shortcomings than our strengths. We experience emotions that we would rather not feel – some painful (e.g., sadness, grief, hurt), and some not so complimentary of who we would like to be (e.g., jealousy, rage).  How do we embrace our whole selves, how do we offer ourselves whole-hearted acceptance, in the context of this human conundrum?

I would like to offer a few suggestions.  CLICK HERE TO READ ON…