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What if 10 minutes a day mattered?

What if setting aside 10 minutes a day could help to significantly reduce your stress and increase your sense of well-being?

What if you could learn some simple tools so that when you go through the course of your ordinary day you could bring these tools with you to help transform your life, one small step at a time?

And what if these tools were laid out for you in an 8 week step-by-step guide so that each day you could simply follow along, similar to having a personal trainer at the gym — but in this case, the muscle you are strengthening is your own brain?

As a clinical psychologist for over 22 years. I am passionate about what I do because I have seen first hand, in my own life, and in my professional practice with my patients, the power of simple, evidence-based tools for personal change and transformation.

One of the things I find most exciting about being a psychologist at this time is the emerging research in neuroscience over the last 15 plus years demonstrating the neuroplasticity of our brains. Where it was once thought that at a certain age our brain connections stopped growing and changing, we now know that our brains are changing all the time, and we can play a significant role in whether those changes are for the better.

Scientific research has also shown that there is a powerful mind-body connection that affects both our emotional/mental health, and our physical health. One of the exciting implications of this is that well-being is a skill that can be cultivated and practiced and strengthened over time.

In my new book, The Transformative Power of 10 Minutes: An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-being, I’ll show you how to do this. Through Mindfulness and some tools from the fields of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and a field of psychology called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy -pulled together into what I think of as a kind of “greatest hits album” – I will show you how to make some very significant changes in your life, without having to add much time to your day. In fact, many of the exercises in my book can be carried out throughout the course of your day. It is a very practical, interactive book, with daily worksheets, meditation audios, and many concrete examples to help you implement all of the skills being taught.

I wrote this book because as human beings we all experience stress, difficulties, suffering and emotional challenges of all kinds in our lives, and none of us should have to go at this alone. My hope is that this book will help you to navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease, and will help you to cultivate inner resources and resilience that will allow for greater well-being and joy in your life.

Are you up for a 10 minute a day challenge?

If so, join me on this journey.

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