Workshop For Stress/Burnout 2017-08-07T00:06:43+00:00

Coming Soon:  Workshop For Stress and Burnout 

For anyone struggling with stress and burnout, whether in the medical or mental health profession, in the business world, or in any setting where chronic stress is an issue, this workshop will offer you specific tools to reduce stress and cultivate greater well-being.  Included is a 4 part workshop (each section is between 20-30 minutes), and 10 accompanying guided meditations (varying between 3-10 minutes in length each) that can be used during the course of your day to help you manage stress, develop greater resiliency, and create more ease in your day.  Learn how to bring mindfulness and other tools with you into the course of your day to help prevent chronic stress that can lead to burnout.  All materials are available for download so you can listen on whatever device you choose.