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Workshop on “How to Cope with Stress:  Practical Tools for Resiliency and Well-Being” 

Many of us struggle with chronic stress and we feel overwhelmed by the day to day challenges we face in our lives.  So whether you are a parent,  a medical or mental health professional, in the business world, a caretaker of an ill family member, or anyone looking for strategies to reduce high levels of stress, this workshop will offer you specific tools to help cope with stress and cultivate greater well-being.  Included is a 4 part workshop (each section is approximately 20-30 minutes), and 11 accompanying guided meditations (varying between 3-15 minutes in length each) that can be used during the course of your day to help you manage stress, develop greater resiliency, and create more ease in your day.  Learn how to bring mindfulness and other tools with you into the course of your day to help prevent chronic stress that can lead to burnout.  All materials are available for download so you can listen on whatever device you choose.  This workshop is a great companion to my book The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes:  An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being and can be done in conjunction with the exercises in the book for maximum benefit.


This workshop will provide you with three specific tools that you can carry into your day with you that take only a few minutes, yet can have a big impact on reducing stress and enhancing your well-being.  These evidence-based strategies are drawn from the research in the areas of: mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and positive psychology.  Part one of the workshop will help you understand your stress response and how to view it as a healthy signal that something needs your attention.  Parts two through four will introduce each of the three tools and show you how to bring these tools with you into your daily life.  Each of the 11 audio meditations will help to reinforce the skills being taught and will assist you in growing inner resources to cope with your challenges with greater resiliency.  If you have not had a chance to attend one of my workshops, or if you have attended but would like a refresher and a chance to go deeper by being able to access the audio meditations to bring these skills more fully into your life, then this workshop is for you!  The meditations that accompany this package include:

  • Visualization for Deep Relaxation (15 minutes)
  • Visualization to Reduce Stress and Burnout (12 minutes)
  • Meditation to Explore What You Might Change (7 minutes)
  • Finding Inner Peace During Challenging Times (6 minutes)
  • Protecting Yourself From Absorbing Others’ Stress/Pain (4 minutes)
  • Three Minute Mindful Pause (3 minutes)
  • Short Meditation to Interrupt the Stress Response (3 minutes)
  • Quick Meditation to De-stress (3 minutes)
  • Three Minute Reset (3 1/2 minutes)
  • How Full is Your Container (5 minutes)
  • Quick Meditation to Shift into Positivity (4 minutes)

You may sample a 5 minute segment from part one of the workshop and the Three Minute Reset meditation here:


To purchase these materials for $12.95, which includes parts 1-4 of the workshop and the 11 meditations that you can download to your preferred device and start using in the course of your day, click on the button below: